Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spiritual Wisdom Fair

In October, when “the veil is thin,” the Spiritual Wisdom Fair enlightens those who join us!

Saturday, October 22, 2016   
10am to 5pm at the 
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
4225 NW 34th Street, Gainesville, Florida.

The Spiritual Wisdom Fair is dedicated to fostering spiritual wisdom in all of its diverse forms.
It is a rare opportunity to experience: 

· Readings from psychics and intuitives
· Reiki, energy healing, and energy-cognizant bodywork
· Eclectic collections of healing crystals, stones, jewelry, books, and more
· Hands-on learning – Gaining esoteric wisdom through guided experiences
· Networking with your local community of spiritual sensitives

Ten carefully chosen readers with excellent reputations will offer 15-20 minute sessions for $20.  Readers utilize a variety of methods, including Tarot and Angel cards, psychometry, Astrology, and their psychic abilities.  These mystics, mediums and intuitives will attune to your energy, your Spirit Guides, Angels and your Higher Self.  You may request messages, insights, guidance and support through the readers, empowering you with a higher ability to understand and invoke change in your current life situation. 

Practitioners of energy healing methods will be available to answer your questions and provide sample treatments.  These include Reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, crystal healing, energy balancing, and more.  Sample treatments are $20.

The venue is beautiful and spacious.  Classes, demonstrations, and discussions are ongoing.  Delicious, healthy food and drinks will be provided for purchase on site.  Families will find a friendly environment and healthy organic nourishing traditional food.  Child-friendly practitioners and information on vaccine safety will be available at the fair. 

The Spiritual Wisdom Fair carries forward the tradition of the Spiritual Connections Faire that was directed by Marguerite Romeis for two decades.  Hers was a community-building event that provided spiritual sensitives and intuitives an opportunity to use their skills in service to others.  We are deeply grateful and greatly honored to receive her blessings and guidance in continuing this much-appreciated event into the future.   We are joined by Marguerite’s devoted students and allies in creating a day to celebrate and share our spiritual connections and our extraordinary skills for healing and deepening understanding. 

Proceeds from the Spiritual Wisdom Fair will go to Three Aunties, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing healthy relationships between people and our natural environment.  The Spiritual Wisdom Fair is a sibling of the Gainesville Holistic Health Fair.  This fair emphasizes mental and spiritual well-being, while the Holistic Health Fair emphasizes physical and environmental health.  All of these things are intricately connected. 

Proceeds from the Spiritual Wisdom Fair will go to Three Aunties, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing healthy relationships between people and their natural environment.  

For more information, email Maria Minno or Shenna Raven Moondance.  Check out the Facebook event page at

Posters are available in pdf and ppt.  Please share!