Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spiritual Wisdom Fair

Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Intuitives and psychics offer readings.
  • Practitioners help you feel fantastic.
  • Workshops empower you to strengthen and nourish yourself and your loved ones.

Bring your questions and issues in all realms:  mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Ten carefully chosen readers with excellent reputations will offer 15-20 minute sessions for $20.

Energy-attuned practitioners of Reiki, massage therapy, Acupuncture, crystal healing, energy balancing, past life regression, shamanism, and more, will be available to answer your questions and provide a sample treatment for only $20. 

Ongoing demonstrations, do-it-yourself workshops, reality-altering discussions, and guided experiences will fill the schedule.  Check the facebook event page and the website for updates on the program.

Come early, because the lines can get long. Readers utilize a variety of methods, including Tarot and Angel cards, psychometry, Astrology, and their psychic abilities. These mystics, shamans, mediums and intuitives will attune to your energy, your Spirit Guides or Angels, and your Higher Self. You may request messages, insights, guidance and support through the readers, empowering you with a higher ability to understand and invoke change in your current life situation.

This fair is the best place around for networking with your local community of spiritual sensitives and energy healers.

Eclectic collections of healing stones, crystals, jewelry, books and more will be for sale on site.

All are welcome. The venue is beautiful and spacious.  We request a donation of $5 per adult to support this event.  Children are free and very welcome; families will find a friendly environment.

Healthy organic traditional food (including vegetarian and vegan options) will be available for purchase. Nutritional therapists will be resent to answer your questions about healing with sacred foods and nutritional herbs. Child-friendly practitioners and information on vaccine safety will be available at the fair.

The Spiritual Wisdom Fair carries forward the tradition of the Spiritual Connections Faire that was directed by Marguerite Romeis for two decades.

Proceeds from the Spiritual Wisdom Fair will go to Three Aunties, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing healthy relationships between people and our natural environment.

For more information, contact Raven Moondance at area code 352 and number 372 - 8594 or  fengshui216 (-a t-) hotmail (-d o t-) com

Please share this event.  A poster is available here:
The Facebook event page is here:
Practitioners may apply here: 
To apply to be on the list of readers, go here:

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